Blue the Bobcat

Known in the wild as a solitary, elusive predator, Blue the Bobcat has a different persona than his shorter cousins. Blue is the friendly, furry face of Bryant & Stratton College athletics. He can be found roaming the sidelines, helping cheer on the Bobcats athletics teams along with popping up in the halls around campus and at other Bryant & Stratton community events. His name is inspired by the rich, bright blue that can be found on the official Bryant & Stratton College seal and the athletics logo. Just like the students, faculty, staff and alumni, he bleeds Bryant & Stratton blue.

Blue loves to create an energetic atmosphere on campus and on the playing field in order to bring together students, faculty and alumni with their passion for Bryant & Stratton. Blue is a symbol of Bryant & Stratton’s rich athletics history which includes the 1974 National Little College Athletic Association men’s basketball National Championship and the 2001 NJCAA men’s soccer National Championship.

Keep an eye out around campus or and at the next Bobcats game for Blue. He’s always ready to hand out a high five or a big hug. Go Bobcats!


Bryant & Stratton College